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Youth Wellness Program


Our Program Integrates Mental Health Promotion and Peer Support Programs for the Youth in Our Communities

The program is focused on utilizing the youth within the community to support their peers. It uses strengths-based approaches, which have proven to have tremendous results in establishing resiliency and well-being in youth.

Youth leadership training provides the opportunity to learn skills centered on mental well-being and support for themselves and their peers. We provide leadership training, focusing on promoting mental health awareness, wellness practices, and best approaches to supporting their peers. These leaders are our Youth Wellness Ambassadors, providing emotional support and mental health awareness to other young people to cultivate general and individual wellness in our community.

Our Youth Wellness Program Provides Trainings to Help Ensure Our Youth Have the Skills to be Promoted

Our program provides child and youth mental health wellness workshops and presentations. Participants learn about environmental health and provide support for their peers.

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